vSphere Ports and Protocols. All of them.

Sometimes I just want to UNPLUG them all!

A few posts back, we let you know about a pretty cool TechZone article that gave you every VMware Horizon port you could ever need or want. The TechZone website broke it down in easy to digest sections for all of the various products in the Horizon solution.  Chris Monfet saw that post and sent over the complimentary VMware site that fills the documentation gap for the vSphere side of the house.

Ports.VMware.com will give you a similar tabled breakdown of all the ports necessary (and descriptions) for the vSphere solution.  This includes vSAN, NSX and vRealize products.  Be sure to bookmark it now before you forget!


This web address is the perfect vehicle for VMware to continue to build out the port requirements documentation.  I hope to see additional products added here in the future.

And just in case you were curious, there is a dark mode theme for the site which makes it way cooler. Winking smile


Hope this is helpful to you, I know this will be helpful for me.

Enjoy the weekend!