Project Connected Home over IP

The Connected Smart Home is here to stay.  Today, 3 of the biggest companies on earth decided to form a partnership called Project Connected Home over IP to help develop a new Smart Home Protocol standard.  Based around IP, the new standard would hopefully make the consumer’s experience of connecting Smart Home devices together a frustration free one.  Leveraging parts of HomeKit, Nest’s Thread and Amazon Alexa, the new standard would be built with privacy, end to end encryption and ease of use from the start.

This new standard would be royalty free and open source for all software vendors and hardware manufacturers to use.   The goal for a homeowner is to feel confident that any device he/she purchased would work with the major voice assistants and the respective ecosystems.  Several major brands have already pledged support.

Having these three heavyweights involved in the project gives it a higher chance of success since the easier Smart Home tech gets, the more it gets adopted and the more these companies become well positioned to profit from it.
For more information, you can visit the website:

Due out in late 2020, it’ll be a great start to the new decade.

Happy Automating!