How to Track Stocks in Home Assistant using a Custom Component

In an effort to clear up all errors in my Home Assistant logs, I decided to tackle the errors related to grabbing stock quotes within Home Assistant. The current component I am using is AlphaVantage. The issue with this component is the API limitations combined with the way the component works. The free version of this API limits requests to 5 queries per minute. This is usually enough over time but during boot up, it does produce some errors in the log since it grabs a bunch of quotes at once.

Not really a terrible issue but super easy to resolve with this new component I ran across. The custom component uses Yahoo Finance, has no API requirement, and no limitations that I noticed. And no more errors in the logs! So I decided to just swap the components out. AlphaVantage for Yahoo Finance.

Unfortunately, this custom component is not compatible with HACS yet but the installation was super simple and you can always add it as a Custom Repository. Check out the video below for a walk-through of the process.

Happy Investing!