vRanger Pro Part I

vRanger Pro is an excellent Backup product by VizionCore. The product which can run on a Physical or Virtual Machine talks with VMware (with or without VCB) in order to take Image level backups of your Virtual Machines. vRanger also offers Brick Level backups and a P2V-DR module which I may write about in the future. The installation and operation of this great product is very straight forward. KISS is in full effect here. Once you have downloaded their software and licenses, you are ready to go. They do offer a trial periods for all their products.

vRanger Pro Installation

Once you have downloaded the product, double click the MSI file and accept the License Agreement.

Click Next to Continue.

The Default Folders are fine for installation.

Note that the Program directory still uses their old name of ESXRanger Professional.

For new implementations, I normally change this to C:\PROGRAM FILESVIZIONCOREVRANGER PRO

Once vRanger is successfully installed, you can optionally install the additional plug-in components:

  1. File Level Restore Plug In.
  2. VCB Plug In.