Are you using Google Wave?

So I have been using Google Wave for about a month now and it’s not half bad.  One initial gripe I did have with it was figuring out how to integrate it with my normal workflow.  It really is another inbox that you must check on.  Without any native way to resolve this issue, the community at large has come up with some nifty solutions. 

Being a HUGE Firefox fan, I was glad to see a nice little add-on was created to check and notify me of any updated waves.  The discreet little icon in the lower bottom of my browser screen serves as both a notifier and jump point allowing me to go straight to a particular wave in my inbox.  Check it out here.


If you are more of an IE or Chrome users, there is also a desktop Notifier available on SourceForge.

On my Windows 7 setup, it slides a notification window over the tool tray when there are new waves to read.


If you need/want an invite, be sure to drop a comment below and I’ll fire one out to you.  I have about 15 left at this point.