vCenter Hardware Status Error – You do not have permission for this command. ; Broken Search

Thursday, December 10, 2009 Ran into a Web Services error this week at a client that seems to be caused by the update to vCenter 4.  After resolving the issue with Tech Support, it has to do with a newer version of a tomcat sub component (XHives) that is not updated with the vCenter 4.0 upgrade. 

When using the Search functionality within the VI4 client, you receive an ‘Unable to connect to web services to execute query.’ error.   Also the Hardware Status tabs throw back an error. ‘Do not have permission for this command.’ 
 vSphere Error 1 vSphere Error 2
Both of these errors have to do with vCenter’s Web Services (TomCat Webserver). 
During the update from 3.5 to 4.0, the XHives sub component does not get updated to the latest version causing the Web Services to not function correctly.  
To resolve the issue :
  1. Stopping the VMware VirtualCenter Management WebServices service
  2. Replace the C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\tomcat\webapps\vws\data\ directory with this folder :
  3. Restart the VMware VirtualCenter Management WebServices service
  4. Restart the VI Client.
This worked for me.
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