How to Back Up Your Citrix Netscaler

Here is a great write up by Sam Jacobs of the IPM Tech Dev team.

imageWhen one thinks of backing up a Netscaler, the first thing that comes to mind is the Netscaler configuration file, ns.conf. There are a number of other files, however, which are also crucial to the operation of your appliance, for example, your license file(s), SSL certificate(s), etc. At the very least, it would be time-consuming to locate, download, install and reconfigure the above in the event of an appliance failure.

Most of the above files, can be found somewhere in the /nsconfig directory hierarchy. The attached ZIP file, contains a .cmd file which will allow you to back up those critical files. Each time that it is executed, NSBackup creates a date/time-stamped copy of the entire /nsconfig subdirectory hierarchy at the location that you specify. It uses the pscp utility (also included in the ZIP), a secure FTP client, to do its work.

No installation is required. Simply:

  • UnZIP the attached into any directory (e.g. C:\NSBackup)
  • Open a command prompt
  • Change to the C:\NSBackup directory, and enter:

NSBackup <NS management IP> <nsPassword>

If pscp.exe is not in the current working directory, make sure that you add the path to it on line 8 of the .cmd file.

If you have made any source code modifications (for example, customized the Netscaler logon page – index.html), NSBackup will NOT copy them, and you will need to do so manually (or create a script to back them up).

You may also use Citrix Command Center,, which is available at no charge if you are licensed for any of the following:

  • Citrix Netscaler Enterprise / Platinum Editions
  • Access Gateway Enterprise Edition
  • WANScaler – all editions