Why do we Bother patching systems?

So there are a bunch of reasons people patch their systems.  In fact, there are probably more reasons people patch systems than why they wouldn’t. (although there are some valid reasons NOT to patch things IMHO)
So why do you patch your systems?   Seems like a pretty easy question except that the answers can be pretty varied and there is usually a bit of overlap.
Security? People patch all the time for security.  Unpatched systems are just WAITING to be infected or exploited. No?
Application fixes?  Stuff gets borked. 😉 Vendors push out patches continuously to fix things that should have never made it out of beta testing.
Support compliance? If you are having any issue and call support, after pressing 1 for English, you are almost immediately directed to update to the latest hotfixes and patches for the particular product.  ‘Licensing issues?  Patch and then we’ll talk.’  It can be almost comical at times.
Because? Some people just do it because they were told to.
Personally, since I deal primarily with new systems as a consultant, I patch for Application Fixes and Support Compliance.  Keeping your systems secure usually falls under someone else (Namely the client).   I rely on Firewall, Security, even Network guys to keep the Internet baddies out of my projects.
Oh and don’t worry if you are silently thinking Because as your reason.  That accounts for about 99% of the time I click Windows Update on my personal laptop.

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