New IPM Utility – UnHideICA

Jacques Bensimon has been extremely busy coding thanks in part to the Polar Vortex dropping subzero weather onto the North East. Hooray for us! 🙂

Here’s his latest Utility  – UnHideICA

Quick note:   I don’t know why this sometimes happens (nor do I know the particular combinations or configurations of Citrix Web Interface, IE and ICA client that can cause it to happen), but I have on multiple occasions and in different environments encountered a weird behavior whereby launching a new remote XenApp desktop causes any existing desktop sessions on the same client machine to just vanish. 


Investigating further, it turns out that those sessions are neither logged off nor disconnected, their windows simply become hidden windows on the client.  I can’t even begin to formulate a theory as to how this could happen or what particular software component is making it happen, but the attached utility UnhideICA will bring all the hidden desktops back into view (it has no user interface or parameters – just run it and the effect is immediate.  I keep it pinned in my machines’ taskbar for easy access).  I don’t know if this issue can occur with published apps as opposed to desktops, or if it can happen with XenDesktop as well, but UnhideICA *might* work as well in those scenarios – no promises, … but let me know in the comments either way if you have an opportunity to test it out).


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