Inventory your vSphere environment with RVTools

If you haven’t heard of Robware’s RVTools, you are missing out.  This handy little utility gives you a nice clutter free way to view basic information about your Virtual Machines.  The most important for me is the SnapShot tab.  Point RVTools at your VirtualCenter and quickly see a nice little list of all VMs with snapshots.  Basic information such as date, description and power state are also included.
If you are working with outside agencies, you can easily compile inventory spreadsheets and then share out.  Very useful for design sessions and mini health checks or audits.
You can use the following instructions below to gather the data and export it out.   The software can be run on any workstation with Read Only admin rights to the vSphere environment.
First Step: Go to and get this great little utility. 
You will have to register (which will be used for Veeam Marketing purposes) but it’s a worthwhile trade for a great free utility.  The download will start immediately after registering.  No need to wait for a confirmation email or anything.
Once downloaded, you can run through the normal click, next, next, next, finish.
Image(2) Image(3)
Image(4) Image(5)
Once installed, run the executable.
If you have either vCenter or just individual hosts, you can point the inventory utility to either of them.  In this case, we will use vCenter. 
Once you enter in the credentials, you will be presented with the inventory from the vCenter.  Each tab represents various aspects of the systems.
Once you have the inventory loaded in the program, you can export the data to an XLS sheet.
Save it to your favorite place and then send it off to your favorite consultant.