Telsa’s new PowerWall feature called Storm Watch!


I launched my Tesla app today and went to customize on the PowerWall.  Bam! I saw this new feature had been enabled on my system.  The new feature is called Storm Watch.  It allows the system to detect when storms are incoming and nearby and will fully charge the PowerWall and set it to Backup Mode only.  This gives me the full benefit of generator protection without having to keep the system on Backup mode all the time.  Once the storm passes, the system can return to the normal setting which in my case would be the Self Consumption mode.  Self consumption mode allows me to charge during the day from the Solar Panels and then use that electricity stored overnight.  Once the sun comes up, the PowerWall charges back up and then completes the cycle.  This new Storm Watch really helps me leverage the consumption model (hopefully completely negating the need for Duke Energy draws) while still giving me protections from Florida hurricanes.

I originally brought in the solar panels and the PowerWall after last years Irma experience, so this new storm watch feature is super awesome.  Based on release notes from the IOS app, it looks like it is being slowly rolled out to different geographies first.  I’m in Florida and hurricane season just kicked off, so great timing Tesla Team!

Stay Dry!