VMworld 2018 highlights! (All the way from Florida)


I’m not at VMworld this year but I have been following along at home via the outstanding web streams available at VMworld.com and decided to push out this blog post because I was so excited for one feature…

Fully Featured Web Client!  You should know that I absolutely HATE ADOBE FLASH and have been trying everything to get clients to upgrade and switch to the newer versions of VMware just so I wouldn’t have to deal with Adobe anymore (*not the only reason) but I have always had to come crawling back to that flash client since not all of the features/functions were baked into the HTML5 client yet.  As of 6.7 Update 1, that shouldn’t be the case anymore.  The Web Client is now FULLY FEATURED.. So bye bye bye Flash.. hope to never see you again!

Since we are talking about 6.7 U1, I might as well mention the other new features that I took notice of.  vCenter Server Converge Tool.  What’s that you say?  With the 6.7 release, you were able to do Enhanced Linked Mode for your vCenters (Single Pane of Glass) even with Embedded PSCs.  Clients with existing multi sites though and more complicated scenarios still had external PSCs.  This tool will allow clients to now migrate those external PSCs over to the much simpler architecture of the embedded PSC.  This tool is only available for 6.7 U1 architectures but once you are upgraded, you can proceed with the migrations.  Your DR team will thank you!

Content Libraries also got some love.   As you work more and more with multisite mutli-VC environments, you will see how useful the content libraries are.  Being able to copy VDI templates, ISOs and other software into the Library once and have it replicated across all of your sites has proven to be very useful.  The implementation is also so easy, it doesn’t make sense NOT to use it.

I’m sure there are other exciting announcements at VMworld and I might blog about them as I find out about them but for now, I’m pretty stoked for that HTML5 client! 😉

Enjoy the Conference Party tonight!