How I Upgraded Home Assistant to 0.88.1 – fixing all the breaking Changes!

Blog_Upgrading Home Assistant

I have been putting off upgrading Home Assistant for about a month now because of all of the breaking changes.  I tried before and was spectacularly unsuccessful with it and was forced to roll back the Docker image but this time, I had set aside a few hours and was ready to fix all the critical Breaking Changes that broke my system (and spirit) early.

High level, the steps are :

Upgrade the Docker containers.  I have a special script called that I use to upgrade all of my Docker containers in one motion. 
If you are curious what containers I am working with, check out this post:

Once we were running 0.88.1, the next step was to tackle the big issues I had encountered due to Breaking Changes.  These included the SpeedTest component, sensor naming changes, the dreaded Time_Pattern change and a Notify error that I ran into that was caused by case sensitivity.  When I first completed the upgrade, both my Automation AND Scripting engines were offline so no automations were happening in the house until I fixed everything.

The Time breaking change was really apparent and annoying. I have a lot of scripts that are time based, from the Cuckoo Clock to all the routines we use to get the kids out of the house on school days.

I really had to get this piece taken care of at the time of the upgrade.  I just couldn’t leave it in the broken state it fell into immediately after the upgrade.  

And this time, I was NOT rolling back.

To see the entire breakdown of the upgrade, check out the video below:


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p align=”left”>I found Atom to be an amazing tool for fixing Breaking Changes using the global search and replace.

Happy Upgrading!