Why I’m still Jailbreaking my iPhone.


I dig my iPhone.  I REALLY love it actually.  Much more than any other phone I’ve had in the past.  I only LIKE the stock iPhone though.  For me, Jailbreaking the iPhone is a necessity to get the iOS to exactly where I need it to be.

Some people incorrectly think that Jailbreaking is all about piracy.  It can be but in my case, the biggest reason to Jailbreak the iPhone is extending features and unlocking customizations that I find sooo useful.  Here are 2 examples of my must have Jailbreak hacks.

Folder Enhancer
Folder Enhancer is a great tweak to the iOS that allows Folders within Folders.  I install a TON of applications and honestly don’t like scrolling from page to page to find something.  Folder Enhancer allows me to consolidate everything down to my home page and organize everything within subfolders.  It is very efficient and effective and I find it very surprising that this functionality hasn’t been folded into the standard iOS yet.

SBSettings is another tweak that really makes my iPhone complete.  Combined with another tweak called Activator, I have it set up to allow me to double tap the status bar on top anywhere on the iPhone and get instant access to a screen of toggles controlling various features of the iPhone.  I use it all the time to toggle WiFi on and off as I travel around.  Sure, I could go to Settings, WiFi and do it there but this is super fast and useful.

Eventually, the best hacks and tweaks are absorbed into the standard iOS releases by Apple but this usually gives me first dibs on the features.  I guess you could equate it to beta testing features. (complete with occasional crashes and bugs).  Clearly, Jailbreaking is not for everyone but for those of us inclined to tinker with our gadgets, I still recommend it.  

If you have any must have tweaks, drop them in the comments for everyone!