rant: Office 365 Spam “Protection”.

17960 legitimate messages and only 70 flagged for SPAM?  I don’t think so Microsoft.  You can’t, with a straight face, call that mail protection.  You just can’t. It’s laughable.  At this point I would rather see those numbers flip flopped.  At least my systems wouldn’t be at risk by the crowds of viruses casually walking past the Forefront protection.
For my part, I wake up to about 25 – 30 spam messages that I end up deleting from my iPhone as I commute in to work.  Some of the messages that get through are not only clearly SPAM but also especially dangerous for the average user.  Phishing schemes, Trojans and other internet nastiness co-mingling in the inbox just waiting for a careless click. 
That’s it.  Back to deleting SPAM.