Missing EMC VxRail nodes; VMware vCenter blissfully unaware.

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I logged into my VxRail manager today and found the Overall System Health to be Critical.  Yikes!


While digging into the Health tab, the VXRAIL manager thinks that it is missing MULTIPLE appliance nodes!  What the heck is going on.  I haven’t gotten any reports of downed VMs or host failures..



Quick check on vCenter and everything is healthy.  VSAN, Hosts, Virtual Machines, Data Stores.. everything is exactly as it should be.   Time for a little Google-Fu.

According to Dell/EMC, looks like this can happen for a few reasons.  One possible issue is a HOSTD memory leak.  The fix is simple enough, put the host into maintenance mode and reboot.

The first (and easiest) course of action will be to reboot the VxRail manager VM itself.  This is just a management station so impact to the environment is extremely limited.

Resolved: The easiest option (restarting the VM) turned out to resolve the issue.