PSA: Careful upgrading Unifi to

I normally have my home network upgrade the Ubiquity Unifi firmware automatically when there are new versions. They do this in a rolling fashion and this morning I woke up to my garage Access Point in an adoption loop. The upgrade available was firmware version

After a bit of research, it seems there were dozens of forum posts complaining about the same issue. The upgrade would go forward but then the AP would be stuck in the adoption loop. (Adopting, failing, adopting) The uplink on the AP would show as a wireless uplink as well even though the wireless mesh option was not chosen.

In order to get the AP out of the loop, I went straight to the CLI.

SSH into the AP.

Once in the terminal session, I ran the info command and could see that it was trying to register to an invalid controller address.

A quick inform command with the correct controller and it adopted successfully.

If you notice, the version is rolled back to the working firmware and I have the option to upgrade again in the UI. I’m going to wait a while before upgrading the firmware again to let the bugs get squished.

Happy Upgrading!